Pass Plus is a course designed to help newly qualified drivers gain valuable driving experience and skills. The course can be taken at anytime, but is most effective up to a year within passing the practical driving test. It adds onto the drivers knowledge and and existing road skills. There are six modules that are contained within the course, these include driving on:-

Dual Carriageways
Country Lanes
Town Centres
Bad Weather
Night Driving

After successfully completing the course,  you will be sent a certificate from the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
There are also car insurance companies that offer a discount, which can be beneficial to new drivers as every penny counts. If you are a resident in Wales there is a reduction of the price of the course and you only currently pay £20 for the whole course. The Pass Plus Cymru course is split into two sections the theory part is conducted in fire stations and then the practical drive. Make sure that you advise the person running the course that you want us to deliver the driving part of the course.